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How to join the Project

Our project comes in 2 phases. The $YMT token release and then our NFT release.
NFTs can only be purchased with $YMT. NFTs will be giving you access to DAO, NFT Club and our Yachts.

$YMT Token

YMT token is the backbone of our economy and is what will give you access to NFTs. You can buy either on our upcoming presale or PancakeSwap by mid of June.

YMT is launched on BSC. Click the link below to join our discord to participate in our community and learn more about the project and the team!

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Purchase NFTs

At the end of 2nd Quarter of 2022 our NFT marketplace is set to launch. We will be minting as many NFTs as needed, to purchase Yacht targets. You need to have YMT to buy NFTs.

NFTs is the final phase of our project. Holding NFTs will give you voting power in the DAO, dividend access, but moreover NFT club membership with special discounts on getting a license, experience life onboard a yacht and many more perks!


Total Supply

100,000,000,000 $YMT

Fees only from Swaps
Different wallets for transparency

3% for Project
1% for Marketing
1% for Development
1% buy back burns

Except the fees there are no other automatic mechanisms in the contract, and that is because we want want to have full control over price impact.

All fees are converted to BNB "on demand" at small sums and dispersed to wallets. Burn wallet's BNB balance will be used for "buy-backs" and burns - Direct impact at holder price.

No reflections? We will be airdropping 20% of total supply in monthly installments to holders according to their $YMT balance.

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How it works

Whitepaper, Project & Information

We have uploaded our whitepaper on Gitbook!
Press on the button below to dig in into our project and DYOR.



In our whitepaper you will find extensive information on the structure of the project, tokenomics, legal, NFT club, but also about our vision and goals!

Token Distribution

Tokens have been minted and distributed to wallets according to the graph
All tokens are under hard lockdown with vesting contracts by Trustswap.



BSC BNB will be paired with Liquidity and Burn tokens (65% of total supply), then will be moved to PancakeSwap and will be locked by Trustswap for 1 year.

Developer tokens are locked and vested gradually to dev wallet over a period of 13 months. Airdrop tokens are locked and vested over a period of 19 months for planned airdrops.

Symbol: YMT

Initial Value on DEX: To be announced

Type: ERC20


Implementation Sheet

This is how our project will evolve through time.
We expect to be able to purchase our first boat at the end of 2022

March 2022
April 2022
Community & Social
May 2022
Preparation for Launch
June 2022
Launch on
Live Now
July 2022
Market place
August 2022
Technical Development

Yacht Master DAO Team

Chris T.
Nikos P.